Did you know you could help us raise donations for North London Symphony Orchestra while you do your shopping without it costing you a penny!

You can do this through the TheGivingMachine website:

TheGivingMachine is a fundraising charity set up to help other charitable causes raise money online. By signing up and shopping online via TheGivingMachine you will generate a free cash donation for us. With over 1500  retailers, including e.g. Amazon, Avis, Boots, British Airways, Ebay,, John Lewis, M&S, NEXT, Tesco, there is a huge array of retailers to choose from and generate donations.

Each retailer gives a donation to the Giving Machine which is then passed on to NLSO (e.g.  Boots, up to 4.2% of the purchase price of your item, NEXT, up to 2.10%, Tesco Direct: up to 1.05%, John Lewis: up to 1.4%, up to 5.6%).  The purchase price of your item will be the same as if you were not using the scheme.

If you would like to raise donations for NLSO please go to:
and click “Quick Signup” (on the left hand side of the screen).

You can then make sure you never miss a donation by downloading the Shop&Give app at:
and clicking “Install Shop & Give reminder”.   It takes just a few minutes to install this app on your web browser (on a desktop pc or laptop) and means that every time you click onto a retailer that supports this scheme you will get a prompt asking you to donate.

Thank you so much!